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Religion: Motivation & Faith

At times, I have been fascinated by how needless religion can be in this world! It only promises to offer motivation and mental peace which are very intangible outcomes. On the other hand, it is also responsible for creating a mess all around us - in every society and all around us. I am posting what I think about how religius projections appear upon the leadership of today’s bosses and how it manifests into company ideas. Since these are immeasurable, my thoughts are also so.

Hindu society

Hindu society always looks up to the leader for motivation and relies on them to bind society together. The leader does not demand submission but earns it with their social nobility. After a respectable level is achieved, they are loved by the masses and then the leader can exercise a great command over subjects. Such a society will always be disintegrated, especially in this information age, because it’s really difficult for a single person to maintain command over crores of people. Some people always tend to discover their path to problems rather than devoting their energy towards any demigod. In case the leader falters, the whole society always suffers from lack of progress and vision because people can only come up with their limited world view often applicable only for a small tribe or a mini-company at max. They tend to lose exposure to the world view and due to huge reliance on discovering their righteous path, people develop their dogmas and lose scientific thinking. Their vision gets limited and they cannot think of solving problems of a larger group. We cannot expect such a society to get respected who cannot help itself. Hindus suffer from lack of a leader who can command a great devotion even when people are inherently disintegrated.

Imagine the Hindu thought in the sense of leadership

A good leader accepts the lack of complete authority as a natural consequence, always thinks of employees and users

There’s a Company:

Where the leader earns the devotion from most employees towards the company

Throws small but comprehensive slogan like develop ideas within the company OR say no to external sourcing

Lets employees work together towards that vision without thinking about the consequences and blindly trusting the leader

Every employee figures out ways in which that vision can be achieved

May the best idea win over in some metrics such as financially or respectfully

The nay-sayers become poor and disinterested into society and lose faith over the system

Leader involves the disinterested into some other vision or binds them together

The company reinvests earnings back to its employees, burdens up balances

Leader suffers from an extreme desire to keep employees and customers happy

Everyone eventually has the freedom to choose the vision they resonate with and the company moves on!!

Islamic society

Everything that needs to be followed by disciples has to be documented in great length. People follow the documentation to the tooth and nail. Some rituals are designed to routinize the life of people things like worshipping a certain way, eating a certain way, bathing a certain way. The leader commands the highest stature in social life almost equating to what the Prophet would have commanded in older times. Those who follow sermons are socially praised and made an example of for others to follow. Those who do not follow are made to fall in line, this way or that way. Islam shows some pros and cons when a common belief is enforced. The society starts with huge progress, with the supreme leader showing everyone the best path forward. Eventually, it suffers from dogmas and stereotypes. The routines take the shape of activities which may be needless but people just cannot move away from it. Enforcing the one true belief relies on showing others in a bad light. That leads to extremism and decline of rationality. It runs more on belief than on any kind of questioning the supreme leader. However, it provides a way to have laid down rules for every aspect of society. The rules will have to keep growing until eventually, it reaches a point where there is lots of conflict within the rules. Then monotheism could lead to the split of the society or massive friction within. If the rules are comprehensive enough for the time being AND the supreme leader is successful to make everyone follow and understand them in the set laid out path, then the nation can do wonders.

Imagine the Islamic thought in the sense of leadership

A good leader demands complete authority and is motivated to push the goals. He dreams big of expansion and commanding more say among employees and users

There’s a Company:

Where the leader demands the devotion of every employee towards the company

Enforces a certain way to do even the most mundane activity in the job

The leader will have every single detail documented

Rules take the form of a belief that cannot be challenged much

Even if automation is available, have a man look over it in a specified way

Use the company to create an industry out of the competencies

Think of ways to solve problems concerning all of humanity and gather respect

Talk of how the output can bring the best future every user and employees will have

Use the extra earned money to be reinvested in the company

Don’t stop for generations till the goal is achieved

If the goal is achieved, make it an example to keep people committed to the leader

Throw out those who choose to forgo the goal

My Take

In any large company, we can see both traits today. I think this could be because the ideas historically propagated by the religions have taken the shape of widely followed thought processes by now and are not exclusively followed by only a certain set of folks. Also, most companies are governed by a multitude of people from diverse backgrounds and every executive personell usually enjoys some degree of freedom to convince others and drive their own agenda.

I did not have any better name for the two thought I described above. Maybe it’s not Hindu and Islamic thought of leadership. I made this correlation because what I see in today’s world maps strongly with how companies behave and function.

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