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My home state has an upcoming election in a few months, yet the middle of a pandemic! And no, I do not come from any state of the USA. I come from Bihar, which if had Bihar been a country, it would be ranked lowest in terms of human development index, poverty index and a score of socio-economic indicators used across the world. I could go on and on about what went wrong for a place, which once had been a majestic capital city of the greatest kingdom south-east Asia has ever seen. But today, I want to limit myself to what needs to be immediately done in the upcoming election.

Bihar suffers from lack of political foresightedness and willingness to do reforms. The state suffers from overdependence on agriculture and there are few resources left with the government to raise the living standards of the people. One urgent thing needed is to force politicians seeking votes provides a clear answer to what is their plan. The state cannot afford to continue being governed without any vision or mission. There should be a clear education, health and economic policy. Post-COVID there will be a bigger risk of climate change and Bihar is projected to suffer from heavy flash floods and large scale devastation. There are numerous instances of uncontrolled diseases being spread like dengue, etc due to our lack of proper civic management.

We need a change - Every Bihari’s loud and clear voice in 2020 state elections!

I do not support (nor foresee) a radical change of the state’s political journey. I think that we will continue to suffer from the menace of socialism which brings along lethargic governance. That path is very toxic and disruptive. However, I do not see much clarity among the opponents to bring about any good change either. I feel it’s time to bring new faces like Kanhaiya Kumar in the state. The old guard has to fall, they have let down the expectations of the whole state. I do not see any better candidate in terms of education or appeal or vision than the ex-JNUSU leader.

The folks with whom Kanhaiya has joined hands with are super corrupt and promote jingoism. There are instances of RJD leader’s bribery and amassing wealth openly without guilt. I can only hope that this doesn’t continue. Beyond a doubt, I believe that Kanhaiya could potentially bring a good fortune to the state, including a meritocratic tendency among the political class. For now, it looks like because of his alliances with the infamously corrupt parties like RJD and Congress, he will suffer too. Such alliances will only lead to a dimmer future for Kanhaiya. The incumbent BJP, however, has nothing new to say other than play the blame game.

I hope that this election brings some new hope to the state. If my wishes run through it, I would want folks like Kanhaiya to take charge and throw away the likes of RJD, BJP, Congress and JDU altogether.

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