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Website to test deeplinks › Released: Target Link Tester
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Android app on Webview › Released: Clouds Of Thought Android App
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Political future for India and the World › Politics and Fault Lines
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Why are some teams compassionate, while many are rough › Diversity Recruiting in teams
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Rekindling thoughts and re-educationg masses › Boosting education
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Goal oriented approach to any project/deadline/exam › Preparing for any exam
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The Three Pillars - Legislature + Judiciary + Executive › Thoughts on improving our country
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Finding peace otherwise › Problems of Religion
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Why over-expectation and under-expectation both are bad › Expectations
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Morality or loss of thoughts › Space of Religion
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Promotions, bonuses or motivational words - what do I deserve? › Facebook Performance Reviews
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How to get motivated, what to get motivated for › Motivation
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Why even write? › Why I started writing!
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