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Receiving thanks › How to take compliments
Welcoming praises Read More ›

Music for my creative space › Learning Musical Instrument: Ukulele
Towards a personal space Read More ›

Importance of helping out of depression › Letter of Motivation
How to gear one up! Read More ›

Website to test camera access › Released: Website Camera Input Tester
Touching presence on web Read More ›

Bingo - the number game › Minimum Moves to Win Bingo!
Multiplayer number game Read More ›

Sharing Concerns › Things I learnt In Relationship
Love, Care and Share Read More ›

Say no to discrimination › Respecting Everyone
Towards an inclusive society Read More ›

Importance of bowing down › Saying Sorry
How to say sorry and fix things! Read More ›

Painful autocorrections with multilingual texting › UnReleased: Automating text replacement iPhone
Bulk add autocorrects for iPhone Read More ›

Meaning of life › What I will do in my life
Who are my icons! Read More ›

How I felt when depressed › Depression and Suicides
Is suicide the only natural course for depression? Read More ›

Tracking financial health › Financial Portfolio Tracker
Financially Independent Life Read More ›

Securing the Future › Planning Financial Health
Managing and Tracking Assets Read More ›

Educating the underpriviledged › Super 30
Free and fair education is a dream Read More ›

The perfect country › Life in Singapore
A little heaven Read More ›

Distraction is the death of creativity › Being Planned
Step towards being super productive Read More ›

Questioning before others take a pause › Being Open
Being master communicator Read More ›

Website to check the weather in Singapore › Released: SG Weather Forecast Website
Two-hour quick weather check Read More ›

Unwarranted costs for iOS app development › UnReleased: Clouds of Thought iOS app
My money-minded friend - Apple Read More ›

Get Messenger messages on email and Reply back via email › Email and Facebook Messenger Integration for Free
Facebook Messenger and email based support systems Read More ›

My Productivity Path › Boosted Productivity
Building Speed in the things we do Read More ›

Solutions Engineering India to Solutions Engineering South East Asia › Facebook Intra-Team Switch
Facebook internal move Read More ›

COVID-19 vs Humans › Coronavirus & Anti-China rant
Would history repeat itself? Read More ›

Mail me website forms! › Building Contact Me in Websites
Touching presence on web Read More ›

COVID-19 and mandatory WFH › WFH and daily routine
Wasted in boredom or Opportunity to reinvent oneself! Read More ›

COVID-19 vs Humans › Coronavirus COVID-19 and the incapable mortals
Could history repeat itself? Read More ›

Challenges and issues while moving › Migrating from Google Pixel 2XL to Apple iPhone 11 PRO
iPhone vs Android Read More ›

Promotions, bonuses or motivational words - what do I deserve? › Facebook Performance Reviews for H2-2019
Facebook end year performance reviews Read More ›

API to pass off-browser user events › Server-Side Events API - from Facebook
Non-browser user events optimization Read More ›

Website to test deeplinks › Released: Target Link Tester
Touching presence on mobile Read More ›

Android app on Webview › Released: Clouds Of Thought Android App
Touching presence on Mobile Read More ›

Political future for India and the World › Politics and Fault Lines
Could history repeat itself? Read More ›

Why are some teams compassionate, while many are rough › Diversity Recruiting in teams
Recruiting teams for inherent accommodativeness Read More ›

Rekindling thoughts and re-educationg masses › Boosting education
Basics of mass school education Read More ›

Goal-oriented approach to any project/deadline/exam › Preparing for any exam
Back to the school exam Read More ›

The Three Pillars - Legislature + Judiciary + Executive › Thoughts on improving our country
Democracy: Our biggest strength Read More ›

Finding peace otherwise › Problems of Religion
Noone but you will have to change Read More ›

Why over-expectation and under-expectation both are bad › Expectations
Pressure & DeMotivation Read More ›

Morality or loss of thoughts › Space of Religion
Conservatism, Superstitions, Morality & Motivation Read More ›

Promotions, bonuses or motivational words - what do I deserve? › Facebook Performance Reviews
Facebook mid-year performance reviews Read More ›

How to get motivated, what to get motivated for › Motivation
What's blocks from exploring Read More ›

Why even write? › Why I started writing!
Lots of thoughts in my head Read More ›

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