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I have had some conundrums lately wrt where I will settle down atleast in the medium term, say ~5-6 years. While my decision has not yet been finalized but in this blog, I will put down the factors taking rounds in my head. It may indicate my preferences but those would only be conjectures at max! Now the urge to decide on the place to settle in one of the places has copped up not just due to marriage pressures but also due to my mid-career crisis. I will go through my decision points only so sharing my two previous blogs on the background: Pressure to Marry, Thirty Years Old Bachelor and one more on the career future as IC or Manager!

It is easy to think of my career growth path from now being a Software Solutions Engineer to a People Manager or a more senior engineer. For now, I am ruling out the option to meditate fulltime at the mighty Himalayas or anything as drastic of an abrupt career switch! I can continue to work in either Singapore which is the same as any other country abroad or return to India to cities like maybe Bangalore, Delhi or at best have a remote job.


Moving to India (Bangalore or Delhi)Staying abroad
Lighter workloadHigher Salary / Savings
Closer and Connected to FamilyBetter quality of life
Home country advantage / more freedomBetter future for me and family
Easier to pursue side businessHigher financial/physical security
Easy old-age care for parentsBetter asset for siblings
Better physical presence to siblingsBetter privacy in marriage


Moving to India (Bangalore or Delhi)Staying abroad
FOMO for lower savingsDetached from family/siblings
Chaotic work culture, underachiever feelingLimited social life
Useless to family other than limited supportMisalignment with the Indian way of living in the longer-term
Lesser privacy from extended familyOver privacy leading to exclusion
Financial independence goal pushed back or never achieveSocial independence maybe a curse with financial independence

Now with all the above factors listed above, I am inclined to stay abroad for atleast 2-3 more years and redecide afterwards!

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