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I am a tech enthusiast working for Facebook Singapore as a Solutions Engineer. I have experience working in fields not only on technical side such as microservices, distributed systems, cloud systems, data science, back-end technologies, or towards management like side teams management, cross functional collaboration and software project management, but also on business development and charting scaling out plans for startups. I feel that having had my own startup in Singapore has taught a lot more than textbooks about the industry. My startup Energie Corp (now defunct) had focused on motivating Singaporeans to conserve electricity by using the Internet of Things and data analytics. You can reach me for questions/consultation on career growth, IT technologies, software engineering or startups anytime.

I am working actively in Computer Science since 2012 in core-IT areas as well as non-core aspects of the IT industry. Apart from working at Works Applications Singapore as an SRE engineer, I have worked as a software developer intern in General Electric (GE) India, as a Software Engineer at Microsoft India and as a Program Manager at Microsoft India.

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