Checking Patna Weather

Website to check the weather in Patna City

Released: Patna Weather Forecast Website

Quick weather check

Today is a lazy day, I was attending Google Open Source Summit and I was immensely bored. Good time to relax as my most important OKR for this half is stuck due to dev reviews! I overheard a few folks talking about whether it will rain in my city due to an excessive heat wave earlier this year. I was wondering about a previous blog of mine, called SgWeather, open-sourced here. Then I thought to make a website exactly like what I did before for Patna, Bihar, India to check the clouds and take decisions on whether to go out or not that particular day because my whole city becomes an ocean when it rain and it usually takes ~2-3 hours to drain all that water out.

I crawled up on the internet and stumbled on Windy which is one easy way to get the weather snapshot data with the cloud positions. Upon a little search, I found 2-hour-weather-forecast which was exactly what I needed. It shared the lat-long boundaries of my city - which I searchable via Google too. I wanted a quick way to glance over this data and since I already the localities of my concern, I decided to host a website using this publically accessible data.


In short, the following is the reason I decided to develop this website?

  • Weather in Patna doesn’t change very often, so one day’s accuracy should be enough

  • No good way to skim through weather data in Patna

As POC, I made a simple website to solve this problem, this one: PatnaWeather. I just embedded Windy’s embed script on a vanilla HTML and now I can brag about showing clouds to my nephews and niece!

I felt it was straightforward to implement and does not have many dependencies to slow me down. Having a simple website to check Patna weather works just fine for my use cases. I felt it would be super awesome to have the following features - which would be a value add:

  • Adding location detection and filtering the displayed weather based on my current location
  • Add a link to Google Maps when the location is outside of Patna
  • Maybe show air purity and humidity metrics

For my demo, the source is hosted on GitHub repo: PatnaWeather repo, a quick sneak peek is below:

PatnaWeather Preview

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