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COVID-19 vs Humans

Coronavirus COVID-19 and the incapable mortals

Could history repeat itself?

Am I really living in this world where viruses are killing people, I thought while slowly waking up from a strange dream as I looked straight into the sunlight from my window. Oh no, it’s everyone thinking today, what a despicable thought to get awake with!

Suddenly everything has changed including my daily routine and I started to write in a different style, working from home, getting utterly bored, and also an added responsibility to not go out and stay at home. Very quiet and calm life with an added pinch of fear into it because of Covid-19 ( the coronavirus).

I returned from a biz trip to India while the virus was already into Singapore and given it’s super slow rate of progression I was not so worried. But within a period of a month, covid is the only thing that remains in news now - created havoc on share markets, brought cities to a halt, governments to a lockdown and citizens to keep them in like chickens in a cage.

I feel this virus has shown full ill intent to kill so many people, esp the high rate with which this virus is known to spread and recently got into my native place. The only possible way out appears to be social distancing with any vaccine or treatment apparently at least a year away. I fear that life in India will be halted and we could lose many. Amid this crisis we also cannot avoid but to observe those who just cannot stay in. I hope that this worry because of the virus and economy and impending disaster also seeps into those who are not following instructions of a lockdown in worldwide cities including India.

Although I understand as a young adult how it feels to be at the same place for so long, I think the whole public should participate and everyone should follow at their own individual level. All such restrictions are always a better choice than losing your loved ones or your family. I hope sensible people and authorities take care of those who need food and care.

All the bad things seem possible now: a civil war, famine, hunger, mass extinction or a world war just like the joker had laughed at in The dark knight. I really hope the political leaders of today understand and behave like they are bearers of humanity.

Conspiracy theories and WhatsApp rumours play a very stupid role in bringing instability and chaos. Jokes and sarcasm for one could stick to another because of blind faith. Citizens should stay vigilant and governments proactive to avoid a rule of roost for such mischievous acts. To those who find pleasure in seeking truth of any online post and spread the conspiracy theories the most, I have an advice:

मनुष्य को अपनी जिज्ञासा स्वयं ही शांत करनी पड़ती है। One needs to find their own answers.

Find reasons, whether a news is legit or farce before reacting over it. :smirk:

I don’t want to end on a dull tone hence mentioning an utter bullshit whatsapp forward just to leave things on the lighter side, enjoy! :wink:

1. United States is no longer the world's leading country
2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a bullet
3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear
4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA
5. Rich people are in fact less immune than the poor
6. No priest, poojari, usthad, astrologers saved patients 
7. Health professionals are worth more than a footballer
8. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption
9. How animals feel in the zoo
10. The planet  regenerates quickly without humans into play
11. Majority of people can work from home
12. We and the kids can survive without junk food
13. Living a hygienic life is not difficult
14. Only women are not supposed to know cooking
15. Actors are just entertainers, they are not HEROES

Stay Safe, Stay @Home!!!🏡🏡

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