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I had recently heard the podcast of Naval Ravikant co-author of Venture Hacks and co-maintainer of AngelList, who is very popular among geeks. You can listen to the full 2-hour long video below. There is a reason why I started my blog with a reference to Naval’s long but insightful podcast. He says we all need just three things in life, and I second to that:

Rich, Fit and Happy - Naval Ravikant

He goes on to elaborate that thoughts beyond these three things cause worries inside our head, which I kind of agree.

Motivation as in plain words means a determination to do certain behaviour. Now, what should we be motivated for is a question subjective to personal taste, for example, you might be motivated to do sports, learn music, read books, but I am not. I have discovered that I am doing a rat race to be rich and happy. Fitness also maybe not so much, but I do want to eventually get there. And I am not being motivated to any of three important goals of my life.

So, how can we be rich? One answer could be simply by earning money in a job, or doing all the steps mentioned in the book ~Rich dad Poor dad~ maybe or by actively discussing financial matters with others so that we get educated in that field. I have learnt the way of stock market investing, home renting business, and a few businesses as of now. In the times to come, I want to learn about the tech startups industry and having my second shot at starting up, and that’s my ~Motivation~. Having failed in my first startup has scared me to the core, so much so that I even doubt whether I would be able to do something like that or that startups are only a thing of rich kids pretending to be having a dearth of funds. But I certainly see myself doing something of my own in future. This would complete my journey to be rich and to be happy. You might feel that I am throwing empty promises away, maybe it sounds hollow as of now, but I am really positive my plans would materialize.

Blogs on fitness later, status = In-Progress. :yum: And somehow eagle reminds me of determination to hunt for goals without any hard logic.

Apna Time Aayega - Gully Boy

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