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I was discussing problems in our lives due to lockdowns and how it has highlighted or reduced struggles in our daily life with my friend and I realized that Singapore is a heaven when we compare life in India vs Singapore. To many folks, this can come as very obvious and to those, I would like to say I have used the word heaven - which is literally perfect. There’s hardly anything that one can point out in Singapore which is a downside and has been good for those who seek so.

Below, I will point out some factors which came to my mind (and some were covered in our discussions):

  1. Shades from bus stop to home - metro or bus service to literally every home
  2. Always on water, electricity, internet, clean air
  3. Diverse cuisines - veg, seafood, non-veg, etc
  4. Positive interactions with everyone
  5. World class Education and Health
  6. Walk and run anytime and everywhere
  7. Near zero crime rate
  8. Very well connected to all cities in Asia including India
  9. Huge tourist destination - always feels nice to go around for a beer/tea
  10. Lots of shops for shopaholics, always aware of the latest trends
  11. A big host of Bollywood stars - now TV and Streaming stars too
  12. Little to no government interference in public life
  13. Democracy & somewhat free to talk about every subject
  14. Amazing entertainment centres - beaches, wave pools, theme park, 3-d games
  15. Great nightlife
  16. Lots of greenery everywhere
  17. Privacy against unwanted or negative people
  18. Lots of opportunities to volunteer for the society
  19. Iconic architecture, pristine river landscape
  20. Very sporty citizenry - always running, playing sports

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