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Released: SG Weather Forecast Website

Two-hour quick weather check

Today is a company holiday - granted by FB as a compassionate leave to avoid employee’s exhaustion due to overwork. Good time to relax! I was sitting in my bedroom and watching something funny but realized a few water drop sound. Quickly ran to the window to find out that it has started raining heavily - a typical of SG weather. This sparked my thought to create a website for checking SG weather - in my locality and for a shorter term say a few hours.

I crawled up on the internet and stumbled on which is supposed to be a single point where all the data points about Singapore are shared. Upon a little search, I found 2-hour-weather-forecast which was exactly what I needed. It shared the lat-long boundaries of each locality - which I felt is too hacky to search. I wanted a quick way to glance over this data and since I already the localities of my concern, I decided to host a website using this publically accessible data.


In short, Following is the reason I decide to develop this website?

  • Weather in SG changes very fast

  • No good way to skim through weather data in SG

As POC, I made a simple website to solve this problem, this one: SgWeather. I had observed that I may need to see data in a loop or integrate it further, so I added anchor tags to add the ability to share/save/bookmark the links and retain the context on page refresh. Note that the data will always be refreshed and I am fine with that - I did not see any use case for seeing stale weather report.


  1. Save the columns to table:

     function Headers(list, selector) {
         var columns = [];
         var header = $('<tr />');
         for (var i = 0; i &lt; list.length; i++) {
             var row = list[i];
             for (var k in row) {
                 if ($.inArray(k, columns) == -1) {
                     // Creating the header
                     header.append($('<th />').html(k.toUpperCase()));
         // Appending the header to the table
         return columns;
  2. Construct the data table:

     function constructTable(list, selector) {
         if (list === undefined || !Array.isArray(list) || list.length &lt;= 0) {
         // Getting the all column names
         var cols = Headers(list, selector);
         // Traversing the JSON data
         for (var i = 0; i &lt; list.length; i++) {
             var key = list[i][cols[0]].toLowerCase().replace(/\s+/g, '');
             var row = $('<tr id="' + key + '" />');
             for (var colIndex = 0; colIndex &lt; cols.length; colIndex++) {
                 var val = list[i][cols[colIndex]];
                 // If there is any key, which is matching
                 // with the column name
                 if (val == null) val = "";
                 row.append($('<td />').html(val));
             // Adding each row to the table
  3. Show errors in case website loading fails:

     function handle_error() {
         console.log("Some error occurred");
         $("#data").html("Website loading failed, try refreshing or contact the owner!");

I felt it was straightforward to implement and does not have many dependencies to slow me down. Having a simple website to check SG weather works just fine for my use cases. I felt it would be super awesome to have following features - which would be a value add:

  • Adding location detection and filter the displayed weather based on my current location
  • Add a link to Google Maps when the location is outside of Singapore

For my demo, the source is hosted on GitHub repo: SgWeather repo, quick sneak peek is below:

SgWeather Preview

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