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GitHub lookback

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So, yet another year has almost come to an end without leaving much to share about. Same old stories with my life, several partially completed new year resolutions bring me to a new year which may not be very exciting but I am happier because earlier I was immensely disturbed by being away from family. Amidst the satisfaction wave, I was also wondering what have I done on my original goal to keep writing blogs and to keep doing random tech demos. And I thought to reflect on some of the feedback provided on both.

On the writing part, the content might not have been up to the mark but atleast I got a habit of writing them regularly. One might argue, what’s the point of writing when it’s shit. :upside_down_face: :laughing:

On the tech demos part, I was looking at my GitHub which is where I host most of my code, including private repos. I was trying to understand what exactly have I done by looking at the GitHub contributions panel. And it looks like this:

GitHub Profile

But, I was wondering whether I can capture my issues and PR contributions. And then I discovered this amazing website called: [][].

This website looks at all my publicly available data for the past 1 year, including PR, comments, issues, commits and created this amazing video for me.

I was so surprised at this marvellous automation that generated this amazing video in runtime. This is soo much different than the GitHub Profile Trophy that generates a static image using a hosted app.

The unwrapped video is also an app but powered by a super simple tool. I am not a fan of GitHub APIs because it provides not very actionable information, but I am a fan of remotion now. Just look at this new video that is generated here:

I am thinking about some potential use-cases, and I am going to write a game with this sooner or later!

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