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GitHub profile customization hack

Released: GitHub Profile Trophy

Custom GitHub profile

I stumbled across a way (public blog) where we can customize our GitHub profile and I soo wanted to try that! It was a small effort, so even the blog would be small.


In short, Following was done:

  • Add a repo to back GitHub profile

  • Add GitHub profile trophies

  • Show trophies on GitHub profile

As POC, I made a simple repo to achieve these: vishwarajanand.


  1. Add a repo to back GitHub profile:

    GitHub profile can be customized via of a public repo of my GitHub username: vishwarajanand. So, I created vishwarajanand repo.

  2. Add GitHub profile trophies:

    I forked ryo-ma’s github-profile-trophy (kudos to a great job!) to my own github-profile-trophy so that badges link to a repo on my profile!

  3. Show trophies on GitHub profile:

    For my demo, the source is hosted on GitHub profile: VishwarajAnand’s GitHub, quick sneak peek is below:


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