Why Jekyll Theme?


Feeling Responsive is a theme which fit in all my requirements and kudos to https://github.com/Phlow/feeling-responsive for making it.

…and learn at the same time.

This is my first personal blogging experience and I wanted something which would fit into my needs. Hence, all the themes and complicated tools around that.


  • 100% GitHub Pages friendly
  • Easy editable navigation, footer and social media links
  • Language Ready – just translate one file.
  • Lots of possibilities to customize it to your needs
  • Lots of different headers
  • Various post formats to let your content shine
  • Uses Jekyll 3.0
  • Multiple possibilities to use images in different ways
  • Fine typography

I got inspired by…

Michael Rose and his fabulous themes for jekyll. Authors of A List Apart and Smashing Magazine since 2002. GitHub and how they built such a habitat for cooperation worldwide. Automattic and how they built a fantastic community around WordPress. And many, many more…

Please make Feeling Responsive yours and if you like it, please link back to my homebase. That would be awesome.

Since then, fork it!

You are free to fork Feeling Responsive, here. However, I am keeping the website source private since it contains my edit history and maybe too much information about me.

Yours sincerelly: Vishwaraj Anand